Suspended Animation develops new equipment, techniques, and technologies to minimize the cellular injury that normally occurs after legal death. We apply our procedures to clients who have made separate arrangements for long-term cryopreservation with cryonics organizations.

Our research projects include a portable liquid ventilation system to enhance rapid cooling in the field, custom modification of advanced rescue and transport vehicles, and equipment to enable low-temperature human vitrification. By intervening as rapidly as possible after cardiac arrest, we aim to reduce the need for cellular repair when future scientists attempt to revive patients who have been cryopreserved.


Suspended Animation is dedicated to the protection and preservation of human life.

Cells in the brain begin dying within 5 to 10 minutes of cardiac arrest, but with appropriate procedures, they can remain viable for longer periods.

By specializing in standby, stabilization, and vitrification, Suspended Animation can make faster progress toward enhanced capability than a full-service cryonics organization that must divide its attention over a wider range of tasks.

Destructive biochemical processes that begin after cardiac arrest may be more difficult to reverse than any other form of cellular damage. To attempt to prevent these processes, immediate treatment of cryonics patients is critically important.
Suspended Animation, Inc. Laboratory Expands: New Research Enabled by New Instrumentation. Suspended
Animation, Inc. recently acquired an Applied Biosystems FAST Real-Time
PCR system. This state-
of-the-art machine will
enable SA to conduct laboratory and field studies
to profile and quantify the
gene expression products
and cellular conditions produced during the stages
of cryopreservation.
Landmark Agreement with Alcor Life Extension Foundation. In a landmark agreement with Alcor
Life Extension Foundation,
Inc., SA now serves Alcor members and members
may request SA services in advance. SA now serves members of Alcor, the
Cryonics Institute and the American Cryonics Society.
Dedicated Perfusion Coverage for Cryopreservation Patients.
A new contract between PDC Perfusion Resources, Inc.
and Suspended Animation, Inc. guarantees dedicated professional perfusion coverage for cryopreservation patients served by SA.
Mini-Bypass Machines Go Mobile for Suspended Animation, Inc.
After extensive testing and development of a rugged transport system, SA has deployed four state-of-the
-art Stockert SCPC Mini-Bypass Systems that
can be moved as easily as luggage by air or by car to provide safe, consistent perfusion of cryopreservation patients in the field.
Suspended Animation, Inc. Goes Green. To reduce its impact on the environment,
SA has expanded a
company-wide re-use and recycling effort. SA now recycles waste paper, alumimum, plastic, glass,
scrap metals, batteries, electronics, oils, paints, solvents and automotive


Suspended Animation Goes Green